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Calypso Collection

Calypso Collection

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Introducing our 12 oz. Calypso Straight-Sided Glass Jar! This jar is the epitome of versatility and eco-friendliness. Crafted for those who value both style and sustainability, this recycled cylinder glass jar is designed with a wide mouth and smooth sides, making for a smooth and consistent burn of your candle.
Embrace the beauty of this eco-conscious design with our Calypso Collection. Crafted from recycled glass, these jars not only exude a sense of environmental responsibility but can also be recycled repeatedly, ensuring a cycle of sustainability. The semi-automatic production methods employed in creating the Calypso Collection give each jar a unique character, with surfaces that may display a charmingly imperfect texture.
Our Calypso glass jar offers a versatile and aesthetically pleasing design that reflects our commitment to quality and demonstrates our dedication to preserving our planet.

Dimensions: Width:3.15 (in), Depth: 3.15 (in), Height:4.29 (in)

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