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About me

Hello from Fort Worth, Texas! I'm Jen, a candle enthusiast and proud resident of this lively city. Although my professional journey has been in the corporate world since 2005, my true passion lies in creative pursuits.

My adventure into beauty and craftsmanship started when I entered the workforce armed with a cosmetology license. The joy of making things beautiful, especially in the salon, fueled my love for chemistry, particularly in the realm of hair color and corrective techniques. The blend of chemistry and the color wheel became my artistic canvas, and I reveled in the creativity it allowed.

As the years progressed, I seized the opportunity to transition into the corporate world, a move I'm immensely grateful for. The dynamic environment offered me valuable insights into people, products, business dynamics, and the core of customer satisfaction. Each day in the corporate realm has been a learning adventure that complements my creative spirit.

The merger of my corporate experience and creative flair has led me to the enchanting world of candle making. Crafting beautiful and unique candles allows me to combine my love for aesthetics, chemistry, and the art of creation. Join me on this aromatic journey as I infuse passion and creativity into each candle, adding warmth and beauty to your space.

Thank you for being a part of my story, and I'm excited about brightening your world with the essence of my creations.

Warm regards,