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3-Pack Bundle Box

3-Pack Bundle Box

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Illuminate your space and indulge your senses with our 3-Pack Bundle Box! This Bundle Box is a collection of our luxurious 4-ounce, reusable glass jars. These jars feature a timeless frosted white exterior and are finished with a natural cork lid, introducing an earthy and sophisticated element to their design.
Crafted with precision and care, each candle is expertly poured by hand in Fort Worth. Texas. The petite jars, fashioned from recycled glass sourced locally in Texas, reflect a commitment to sustainability and the artistry of local craftsmanship.

Our pride lies in our dedication to offering fragrances free from phthalates. Our scents adhere to the industry's highest safety and purity standards, as set by RIFM and IFRA.
Dimensions: Each Jar is Width:3.15 (in), Depth: 3.15 (in), Height: 1.97 (in)
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