Collection: Candle Coasters

Collection Description

Transform your tabletops with these beautiful and functional pieces of art. Each piece is hand-poured from custom-colored resin to create a unique and eye-catching addition to your decor.

Designed for both beauty and practicality, these coasters feature four rubber feet, ensuring they are subtly elevated from any surface. The result is a visually captivating display and a functional accessory for your home.

These coasters go beyond aesthetics – they are heat-resistant, making them versatile for a variety of uses. Whether you're placing candles, lattes, or cocktails, these handcrafted wonders effortlessly combine style with functionality.

Each coaster is a testament to craftsmanship and design, making it a unique addition to your living space. Elevate your decor with our Handcrafted Resin Coasters, where every detail reflects a commitment to both beauty and utility.

Dimensions: Diameter of around 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 cm) and height is approximately .2 to 0.4 inches (0.5 to 1 cm). Keep in mind that these are general dimensions, and actual sizes may differ depending on the specific product.